BioSol MineWash

Mining cleaner and degreaser

Mining operations present unique challenges for equipment cleaning operations that must be considered along with the impact on total cost of operation. Space limitations, fire risk mitigation, air quality, chemical hazards and water supply all factor into a mine’s choice for effective cleaning solutions.

It is important to select a cleaning product that works effectively. This will in turn reduce chemical demand and therefore the transport, handling and storage space requirements in the warehouse and work area.

BioSol MineWash combines effective chemistry with excellent rinsability, thereby reducing overall water requirements and equipment downtime in the wash bays.

Heavy hauler working in coal production

Safety for miners is paramount and reducing or eliminating fire hazards, especially in underground operations, is important in creating a safe work environment. With no measurable flash point, MineWash is not only non-flammable, but also non-combustible.

While engineering standards are in place for maintaining acceptable air quality indoors and underground spaces, reducing VOCs and odorous chemicals in the workspace is also important for air quality control. BioSol MineWash is an extremely low VOC product. Its inherent low odour characteristic makes it the go-to choice for any enclosed space.

For safety and performance, you can trust and TCO reduction you can count on, choose MineWash, from BioSol.