BioSol KIK: Industrial laundry detergent

BioSol KIK is a revolutionary new industrial laundry detergent  that’s oilpatch-tough – yet easy on fabrics! With its knockout combination of powerful ingredients, KIK loosens, dissolves and suspends grit and grime for a clean, easy rinse. Wash after wash, clothes look great and smell fresh! Brighter colors, whiter whites… without bleach, corrosive liquids, builders or petroleum solvents.

BioSol KIK: Made  For Clothes  that Work!

Whether you’re a roughneck, paving contractor, mechanic or commercial laundry operator, you know what it takes to get work clothes clean. When it comes to challenges like oil, grease,  lubes, distillate’s and invert drilling mud, regular detergents  can’t do the job. And, if you’ve ever resorted  to caustics, petroleum solvents or even diesel fuel in your laundry you probably  thought to yourself, “there HAS to be a better way.” Yes, there is.

Safety clothing has come a long way over the years. Still, those specialized fabrics and fire resistant fibers don’t stand a chance against the hazardous laundry chemicals used to get them clean. So, whenever you have to “kick it up a notch”, try BioSol KIK. It’s made for clothes that have to work for a living!

BioSol KIK cares for all types of fabrics and special fibers, even those resistant to fire

Performance features & Benefits:

Here are just a few of the advantages  of choosing BioSol KIK:

  • Drop-in replacement for hazardous  chemicals
  • Eliminates need for alkali, builders, corrosive liquids
  • Easy to use, will not harm laundry equipment
  • Eliminates bad odors from work clothes on farms
  • Free-rinsing, clean fragrance,  fully biodegradable
  • Prolongs useful life of fire resistant fabrics
  • Will not deteriorate, discolor or fade most fabrics
  • More cost efficient than drycleaning
  • Dispensable manually without risk of chemical burns
  • Neutral pH after washing, no phosphates
  • Non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, no hidden toxins
  • Not regulated under Dangerous Goods
  • No special handling requirements

Product Applications:

Looking for a better way? BioSol KIK really delivers:

  • Oilfield drilling & service rig camps
  • Automotive repair shops, dealerships, detailers
  • Paving contractors,  heavy duty mechanics
  • Drill press operators,  machine shops, fabricator’s
  • Coveralls, underclothes, lab coats, gloves
  • Restaurant tablecloths, napkins, towels
  • Kitchen clothing, shirts, pants and aprons
  • Horse blankets, dust mops, club jackets
  • Bed linens, comforters, flannel sheets, bed skirts
  • Chiromassage gowns and garments
  • Delicate theater and opera clothing stained with makeup
  • Farm work clothes, eliminates bad odors
  • Firefighter safety clothing and much more …
BioSol KIK removes makeup stains by caring for garments as delicate as those used in theater and opera plays

Directions for use:

  • Regular  laundry:   Add 125ml per load of regular household wash.
  • Work clothes:  For items such as rig underclothes, T-shirts, long johns, etc. add 187 ml to standard capacity washing machine.
  • Coveralls:  Use 375 ml for 7 – 10 pairs of coveralls (depending on size) in your regular 25 Kg washer.
  • Heavy  soils: For heavily soiled items involving grease,  heavy oil, invert drilling mud and paraffins proteins, use KIK along with BioSol LevaSol 310 or Surfisol 315: Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaning Concentrate. Use LevaSol 310 or Surfisol 315 as prespotter for best results. Contact your BioSol dealer for details.