About Biosol

Manufactured in Calgary Alberta, Canada, the BioSol® line of safe industrial strength degreasers, descalers & specialty chemicals are distributed to countries around the world. We are continually striving to create revolutionary products that protect the environment and enhance the lives of those who use them. But “it isn’t easy being ‘green’!” As our market research was gaining traction in the early 90’s there was a growing skepticism and a widely held misconception that still exists today. It is believed that for a product to be considered ‘green’—both safe for the environment and for the user—a sacrifice on performance is inevitable.  Safety then, has been synonymous with a lack of performance…

…BioSol® exists to change that perception.

One of our principal objectives in creating the BioSol® line, is not only to meet, but exceed our customers expectations during on-the-field application of our products.  We call it the “wow” factor and it’s our goal to provide jaw dropping results while protecting both the worker and the environment.  In fact, it is our mission “to develop a comprehensive line of chemical specialties that would perform as well as the hazardous substances they were designed to replace, without compromising environmental integrity or personnel safety.”  When our customers give us consistent feedback that their cleaning jobs are getting done safer and more efficiently than before thus increasing their bottom line…we know we’re accomplishing that mission.

That’s our bottom line—safety & performance you can trust.

In fact, concern for environmental and personnel protection is our only business. Our entire product line consists exclusively of safer alternatives. Every BioSol® formulation is recognized by regulatory enforcement agencies as being non-hazardous and non-polluting. For that reason, our customers include those under close public and political scrutiny when it comes to their environmental standards of practice. We are proud to be the supplier of choice to companies – large and small – operating in the energy, forestry, mining, marine, waste management and manufacturing industries. Ongoing research programs and user-satisfaction polls are our assurance that BioSol® products will keep pace with a customer’s ever-changing requirements and expectations.